Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bridesmaid gift, Valentines Circle Heart Necklace with Bright White Finish - READY TO SHIP!



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This whitelovely whitelittle whitenecklace whiteis whitehand whitemade whitewith white.925 whiteSterling whiteSilver white(recycled whitewhen whitepossible) whiteand whitegiven whitea whitedeep whitegrey whitefinish. whiteCircle whiteis whiteabout white.5"X.5", whitethe whitetiny whiteheart whiteis whiteabout white.25"X.25" whiteand whitehangs whiteat white18" white(matching white2" whiteextenders whiteavailable whitein whiteanother whitelisting) whitePairs whitewell whitewith whitethe whiteTiny whiteHeart whiteStuds! whiteGreat whitefor whitethose whitelil' whitetreats whiteto whiteyourself, whiteor whitefor whiteHolidays, whiteBirthdays, whiteBridal whiteParty, whiteGirlfriends, whiteSisters, whiteMom, whiteBff's, whiteBridesmaids, whiteetc...Thanks whitefor whitelooking!********************************************************Listing whitefor: whiteBRIGHT whiteWHITE whiteHEART whiteNECKLACE whiteON white18" whiteSILVER whitePLATED whiteCHAIN**Packaged whiteready whitefor whitegift whitegiving.All whiteCircle whiteCharms whiteare white.925 whitehigh whitequality whiteSterling whiteSilver white.5"X.7"All whitepieces whitecopyright whiteRhonda whiteWyman white2005-present. whiteAll whiterights whitereserved. whiteRhondaWyman.comPairs whitewell whitewith whitethe whiteTiny whiteHeart whiteRing white& whiteTiny whiteHeart whiteStuds!

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