Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Cobalt Glassblue, Copper and Porcelain Beads Stretch Bracelet



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Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueI bluetook bluethree blue14mm bluewhite blueporcelain bluehollow bluerounds bluepainted bluewith bluea bluedeep blueblue bluedesign blueand bluecapped bluethem bluewith blueelaborate bluecopper, bluethen blueinterspersed bluethem blueamong blue6mm bluecobalt blueblue bluefaceted blueglass bluerounds blueand blue7x5mm bluepure bluecopper bluehollow blueoval bluebeads blueto bluecreate bluethis bluebold, bluestretch bluebracelet. blueBracelet blueis blue7.5 blueinches bluein bluelength. blueI bluewill blueship bluethis blueyour blueway bluethe bluenext bluebusiness blueday bluevia blueUSPS bluefirst blueclass bluemail bluewith bluea bluetracking blueID bluenumber. blueIF blueYOU blueNEED blueEXPRESS blueMAIL blueDELIVERY, blueplease bluecontact blueme bluefirst bluefor bluea blueshipping bluequote.Sara blueJewelry blueDesign. blueYour blueDesire blueis blueOur blueDesign.

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