Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

double dangle, Swarovski Rose Florets on Sterling Silver Bali Style Earwires with Rose Crystals



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Sara pinkJewelry pinkDesign. pinkThis pinkdelicious pinkdouble-dangle pinkdesign pinkfeatures pinkSwarovski pinkfloral pinkcomponents pinkdangling pinkbeneath pinkBali-decorated pinksterling pinkear pinkwires, pinkfollowed pinkby pinksingle pinkdangles pinkof pinkSwarovski pinkrose pinkcrystal pinkbicone pinkbeads pinkand pinktiny pinksterling pinksilver pinkround pinkbeads. pinkOverall pinkdesign pinklength pinkfrom pinkBali pinkball pinkto pinkdangle pinktip pinkis pink1-3/4 pinkinches pinkor pink44mm. pinkFeathery pinklight pinkand pinkcompletely pinkfeminine.I pinkwill pinkship pinkthese pinkto pinkyou pinkthe pinknext pinkbusiness pinkday pinkvia pinkUSPS pinkfirst pinkclass pinkmail pinkwith pinka pinkdelivery pinkconfirmation pinknumber. pinkIf pinkyou pinkneed pinkexpress pinkmail pinkdelivery, pinkplease pinkcontact pinkme pinkfirst pinkfor pinka pinkshipping pinkquote.Sara pinkJewelry pinkDesign. pinkYour pinkDesire pinkis pinkOur pinkDesign.

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