Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewelry, Spalted wood Earwires Sterling Silver



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Length: spalted wood1.75" spalted woodWe spalted woodcreated spalted woodThese spalted woodearwires spalted woodusing spalted woodspalted spalted woodwood. spalted wood spalted woodThe spalted woodspalted spalted woodwood spalted woodhas spalted wooda spalted woodnaturally spalted woodbeautiful spalted wooddesign. spalted wood spalted woodThey spalted woodare spalted wood spalted woodhanging spalted woodfrom spalted woodsterling spalted woodsilver spalted woodcircles, spalted woodfunctional spalted woodfor spalted woodeveryday spalted woodwear. spalted woodYou spalted woodwill spalted wooddefinitely spalted woodreceive spalted woodcompliments! spalted woodConvo spalted woodme spalted woodif spalted woodyou spalted woodhave spalted woodquestions!! spalted woodThanks spalted woodso spalted woodmuch spalted woodfor spalted woodlooking. spalted wood;)

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