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green stripes, Green And Yellow Round Striped Pendant Necklace



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This green stripeslarge green stripespolymer green stripesclay green stripespendant green stripeson green stripesjute green stripescord green stripesfeatures green stripesbeautiful green stripesstripes green stripesin green stripesan green stripesabstract green stripespattern, green stripescoated green stripeswith green stripesresin green stripesfor green stripesa green stripesglass green stripeslike green stripesshine. green stripesGreen, green stripesyellow, green stripesand green stripesgray green stripeson green stripeswhite green stripesare green stripesdisplayed green stripesin green stripestwo green stripesdifferent green stripespolymer green stripesclay green stripescane green stripespatterns.The green stripesglossy green stripesround green stripesfocal green stripesis green stripes1.5 green stripesinches green stripesin green stripesdiameter green stripesand green stripesattached green stripesto green stripesa green stripesblack green stripesjute green stripescord. green stripesLarge green stripeskelly green stripesgreen green stripesglass green stripesbeads green stripesand green stripesblack green stripesglass green stripeswheels green stripestrim green stripesthe green stripespendant green stripesin green stripesa green stripessimple green stripesway, green stripeskeeping green stripesthe green stripesfocus green stripeson green stripesthe green stripesart green stripespendant.The green stripesnecklace green stripesmeasures green stripes16 green stripesinches green stripesat green stripesits green stripesshortest green stripeslength, green stripesbut green stripesextends green stripesto green stripes20 green stripesinches, green stripesfastening green stripeswith green stripesa green stripesplated green stripeslobster green stripesclaw green stripesclasp.Different green stripescording green stripesand green stripesbeads green stripescan green stripesbe green stripesarranged green stripesupon green stripesrequest.

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