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earring display, Poodle Dog Standing Earring Tree Gold Tone Metal Vanity Accessory Mid Century Jewelry Stand 5.5 inches



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Poodle earring displayDog earring displayStanding earring displayEarring earring displayTree earring display earring displayGold earring displayTone earring displayMetal earring displayVanity earring displayAccessory earring displayMid earring displayCentury earring displayJewelry earring displayStand earring displayStretching earring displayPoodle earring displayDogDozens earring displayof earring displayholes earring displayfor earring displayearringsVintage earring displayfrom earring displaythe earring display1960's earring display-1970'sSize: earring display5.5 earring displayx earring display2.5 earring displayx earring display1.5 earring displayinches earring display earring displayWt. earring display7 earring displayoz.Condition- earring displayNo earring displaydamage earring displaynoted, earring displayfinish earring displayis earring displayshiny.

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