Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

word charm necklace, Secrets Word Charm Pendant Sterling Necklace



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My limeoriginal limehand limecarved limeand limecast limeSECRETS limecharm limewas limeoxidized limeto limehighlight limethe limestamped limeword limeand limethen limebrushed limefor limea limesoft limefinish. limeAs limewith limeall limeof limemy limecharms, limesigned limeby limeme limeon limethe limeback.I've limepaired limeit limehere limewith limea limefaceted limeplump limelemon limejade limerondelle, limeand limewired limethe limepair limewith limesterling limesilver limeto limean lime18" limesterling limeball limechain. limeThe limecharm limeand limestone limependant limeadd lime1.50".To limesee limemore limeof limemy limeoriginal limecharm limenecklaces:http://www./shop/randitan?section_id=5218904

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